A Few Words About Me

For those of you interested in my background, here is a high level summary: 

I am a happily married father of 3 who originates from Scotland and currently resides in Houston. I have worked in Dubai, UK, Australia and Brazil over the past 20 years. 

I have spent my career managing growth strategies around the globe with notable successes to date:  

I relocated to Dubai in 2008 and we achieved growth from $200m to $750m over a 4 year period. 


I then served on the Board of Directors for a small local firm in Scotland where we achieved growth from $17m to $30m over an 18 month period  

I am currently the Managing Director of a $100m offshore technology firm which I joined 4 years ago. Upon joining, we were tasked with growing the company to allow the long servicing investors to exit the business.  Long story short, we grew revenue from $17m to $96m and EBITDA from negative $3m to +$15m over a 3 year period and successfully sold the business in 2019 to a Private Equity backed buyer. 

Business Growth and personal mentoring is my passion and I have achieved significant success on both areas  


Specific Areas of Expertise

• Business Acquisition - Increasing Profitable Backlog
• Building long Term Key Client Relationships
• Consistent Net Profit Focus / Positive EBITDA Impact
• Financial Management / P&L Accountability
• Cost Control / Supply Chain Management
• Implementation and Management of Internal Controls
• Long Term Strategic Planning
• Achieving Efficiency and Consistency Across Cultures
• Motivation and Leadership
• Managing Complex Negotiation
• Detailed Commercial and Contractual Understanding
• JV / Partnering solutions

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